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Dominion Voting Systems released a statement this week to deny the claims that its machines had deleted or changed votes. Les coupables sont la Dominion Voting Systems, ... et il se peut qu’elle soit encore liée au Venezuela (le Venezuela de Maduro). The Dominion Voting Systems are used in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Dominion itself 'categorically denies' claims. Hugo Chávez did not found Dominion Voting Systems, nor does his family own a stake of the company. CLAIM: The family of the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez owns 28% of the election technology company Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion has been majority owned since 2018 by Staple Street Capital, a New York private equity firm. There was no widespread fraud in the election, which a range of election officials across the country including … Dominion Voting Systems sues Trump attorney Sidney Powell for defamation. Publié le 21.11.2020 par Lorie Wimble Des centaines de milliers d'Américains ont appris aujourd'hui que Dominion Voting Systems a des liens avec le Venezuela, George Soros et les Clinton. The company develops proprietary software in-house and sells electronic voting hardware and software, including voting machines and tabulators, in the United States and Canada. She has claimed that the company was created in Venezuela to rig elections for the late leader Hugo Chavez and that it has the ability to switch votes. La source de ces révélations est hilarante, car… Antrim County, a predominantly Republican county in Northern Michigan that went to Trump with 62% … Dominion denies its link, although, at one point, it allowed Smartmatic to market its same technology abroad in places where Dominion did not do business. Dominion, dont l'équipement de comptage des votes a été utilisé dans plusieurs États, a déposé vendredi une plainte fédérale pour «rétablir les… She falsely claimed that a supercomputer called Hammer hacked votes, that Mr. Trump won the election by “millions of votes” and that voting software company Dominion Voting Systems … Three years later, Dominion acquired Sequoia. by Dynamojo — ABCU|8 “Founded in Venezuela in 1997 by a team of three engineers – Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola, and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of technology solutions for specific applications. “report: dominion deleted 2.7 million trump votes nationwide. Dominion est l’un des principaux logiciels utilisés par les machines à voter aux Etats-Unis. data analysis finds 221,000 pennsylvania votes switched from president trump to biden. In 2010, Dominion Voting Systems (a Canadian company) acquired Sequoia Voting Systems. Smartmatic purchased the voting machine company Sequoia Voting Systems in 2005 but sold it two years later after objections were raised over its partnership with a company in which Venezuela’s government had invested. Before Dominion Voting Systems acquired Sequoia on June 4, 2010 —taking approximately 20 percent of the American electoral market presence— the Canadian company had already made a major breakthrough in the system. Dominion Voting Systems Corporation was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by John Poulos and James Hoover. Dominion Voting Systems — an election-technology company implicated in false conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election — … 941,000 trump votes deleted. Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian based voting system company, has been under massive scrutiny following the 2020 General Election in the United States. Le contrôle de CNN sur les systèmes de vote nationaux les relie à Clintons, Soros et au Venezuela. All those states have seen razor-thin margins in returns from the presidential election, which is officially undecided. Dominion, founded by Canadian John Poulos in 2000, is now owned by Staple Street Capital LLC, says Bloomberg. Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against lawyer Sidney Powell, who has risen to prominence in the last two months by spreading conspiracy theories that Dominion … Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit Friday against Trump lawyer Sidney Powell over “wild accusations” that the company rigged the election to ensure victory for President-elect Joe Biden. Une gifle pour l'avocate pro-Trump Sidney Powell: un procès à 1,3 milliard de dollars lui est intenté par Dominion Voting Systems pour ses «accusations extravagantes» selon lesquelles la société a truqué l'élection présidentielle. January 8, 2021 05:43:10 pm . Whether or not this report is still valid is not the point. MORE: Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems employee files defamation suit against Trump campaign, Rudy Giuliani. Powell has been warning that the software used by Dominion Voting Systems was originally created to “produced altered voting results in Venezuela,” and the two letters she shared on Saturday, dated 2008 and 2010, support those claims. Sequoia was sold to Dominion by a Venezuelan Company, Smartmatic - which had been on the radar of U.S. officials for suspicious of being tied to the Hugo Chavez regime. Dominion Voting Systems was founded in Canada in 2002 by a man named John Poulos. Pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell has been slapped with a $1.3 billion lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems over her “wild accusations” that the company rigged the presidential election. The company maintains headquarters in Toronto and in Denver, Colorado. The point is this is a national security concern. Dominion Votings Systems filed a defamation lawsuit Friday against Donald Trump attorney Sidney Powell. Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit on Friday against the pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell, seeking $1.3 billion in damages. The complaint alleges that Powell engaged in defamation with the statements she has made against Dominion in an attempt to … Since election day, various guests, attorneys and elected officials have appeared on Newsmax TV and offered opinions and claims about Smartmatic and Dominion Systems, both companies that offer voting software in the U.S.. Newsmax would like to clarify its news coverage and note it has not reported as true certain claims made about these companies. Dominion Voting Systems Sues Ex-Trump Lawyer Over False Claims NPR's Noel King speaks with John Poulos, CEO of Dominion Voting Systems, which found itself at … Smartmatic – Dominion Voting Systems Timeline: Ownership, Acquisitions, Reorganizations, and Technology Transfers. Dom… Dominion Voting Systems was used in at least 24 states in November 2020, not only the states where Trump has filed lawsuits, of which there are five, not six. Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against attorney Sidney Powell over her claims that the company, which manufactured electronic voting machines used by some districts in the 2020 election, changed votes for President Donald Trump to votes for President-elect Joe Biden. AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Powell a affirmé que les machines de vote largement utilisées de la société de technologie électorale Dominion Voting Systems comportaient un logiciel créé « sur les ordres » de l’ancien président vénézuélien Hugo Chavez pour faire basculer ses propres résultats électoraux, et que la société avait des liens avec la Fondation Clinton et Soros. One that went virtually unnoticed in the public sphere: Dominion bought Premier Election Solutions, also known as Diebold/Premier, in 2010. Valeria Negron | U. Pittsburgh School of Law, US. New Right Network has been following the story and has published several articles revealing connections between Dominion, Scytl, and Smartmatic. For months Powell pushed a … According to a 2010 investigation at Huffington Post, the Intellectual Property of Dominion voting systems was still owned at that time by a firm linked to the Venezuelan President, despite their press statement to the contrary. Problems of Dominion voting machines in Michigan, Georgia. states using dominion voting systems switched 435,000 votes from trump to biden.” @chanelrion @oann — donald j. trump (@realdonaldtrump) november 12, 2020

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