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20. ( Beverley Hicks ) ), 6. Southerners love colorful sayings, and we really enjoy a good simile. 28. Two Peas In A Pod. Test yourself with this fun quiz! You Can't Carry A Tune In A Bucket. Here’s a list of redneck words and their meanings to help you understand exactly what is being said. Lawd, pull that down! She’s meaner than a wet panther. 45 Southern Phrases Northerners Just Don't Understand You might hold a soft spot in your heart for the South if you have ever been invited to "supper" — or have been asked to pass the "clicker." There are plenty of colorful Southern phrases, some of which have become common terms nationwide, such as hold your horses and pretty as a peach. (Poor sweaty sock), 10. She’s stuck up higher than a light-pole. So read on, y'all! Have you ever counted your chickens before they hatched or barked up the wrong tree? Southern sayings are those wonderful similes, metaphors, or other expressions that are use on a regular basis during conversations in The South. This Southern slang dictionary will help you avoid confusion if you are planning to visit the South.These are some of the most common (and not so common) Southern slang terms heard in Arkansas and throughout the South. If you find yourself in a situation where it turns out that you are wrong or mistaken, someone might tell you that you are barking up the wrong tree. 43. Varmint includes rats, cockroaches, flies, etc. If you've ever wanted to see Elvis Presley's Graceland, you'll soon have the chance to do so without ever having to leave your couch. Take our quiz to see if you are a true southerner or if you are a Yankee in a world full of southern belles. See more ideas about southern slang, southern sayings, southern. From our obsession with sweet tea to our no-rush mindset, there are some things about the South and Southern people that—bless their hearts—the rest of the country just can't understand.And few things make that contrast quite as clear as differences in vocabulary.If you're from the region, you probably won't bat an eye at these southern slang words and phrases. And if you hail from the heartland, These Are All the Slang Terms You'll Only Hear in the Midwest. We think our humorous Southern slang is much more entertaining and expressive. This is slang for “is not,” “am not” and “are not.” There ain’t any milk in the fridge. 38. This is ... British writers used it to make fun of American Southern slang. Maybe you were raised with these sayings, but did anyone ever explain what they meant? 24. The American South is known for a lot of things: its homey style of cooking; a deep love of football; warm hospitality; and of course, fun-sounding colloquialisms and phrases. Ain’t. See more ideas about southern sayings, southern slang, southern life. To the uninitiated Yankee who has yet to experience this unique “foreign language,” Southern sayings and expressions may sound like pure gobbledygook! If it sounds like we might be exaggerating, we probably are, but it’s just for effect. ), 7. Heather Barnett pmc-editorial-manager. She’s as lost as last year’s Easter egg. Many of the phrases and slang used by people in America are peculiar to certain regions of the country. 19 Southern Sayings and Phrases Explained. This Southern slang, like "supper" or "y'all," holds a special place in your heart if you're from the South. Things in the South aren’t “broken”…they’re “tore slap up.”. We don't even bat an eye when they are used. This common slang phrase means to get distracted and lose track of whatever is happening around you. There are thousands of funny Southern phrasesthat are part of your daily language, from "y'all" to "fixin' to". We kin see clear to the promised land! ), 30. Break a Leg. Some might say that the Southern way of talking could practically be its own language in need of translation. ), 5. Quirky Southern Sayings We Should All Be Using. There is no shortage of Southern phrases.

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