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11 Best Things to do in Malmo in Winter, Sweden. If you visit Sweden in the winter, you should not forget dog sledding to explore some parts of the National Park. Sweden in winter is cold - but it's also amazing, beautiful, and almost tourist-free. It is an activity that you have to be physically fit before you can engage in it. It is close to the coast and the temperature does not dip as low as some other parts of Sweden because of the coastal weather. … Here’s our list of 5 Things to Do and Places to See in Winter Scandinavia. Winter travel means you may do more inside activities, but Copenhagen attractions are still a lot of fun in winter. Here’s our list of 5 Things to Do and Places to See in Winter Scandinavia. You have to book reservations in the market to prevent any red face moment. The IceHotel, for instance, is built every winter, and it is located at the center of the Swedish Lapland. Not only it connects to other countries in central Europe, but also it is one of the country’s sources of innovation and creativity. In winter, it turns into a giant playground for winter activities and Luleå is the natural place to start your adventures. However winter is a pretty special time to visit Sweden too so here's a quick guide on what there is to see and do if you visit Stockholm in winter. The spectacle is an experience you should have. In fact, the Swedish Lapland in Northern Sweden is the best place to be for all unique winter activities in Sweden. In fact, some of the most unique things to do in Norway in winter aren't related to skiing. Winter tours in Stockholm. A great place to see them is the Abisko National Park (north of Kiruna), where you can find guided tours, backcountry camping and the Aurora Sky Stationwith its lookout tower. Seasonally, there is a small selection of flights from London, United Kingdom and Tokyo, Japan. Conference. A second option could be the village of Jukkasjärvi, which is home to the first ice hotel. Activities. If you love the thrill of riding dog sleds, going to the Tundra regions should be on your bucket list of things to do in Sweden. There is also another set of trails at the National Park in Sarek, but it should only be tried if you are physically up for the challenge. This is because all through the course of the race, you have to carry your kit. If you are lucky, you will also get to see professional drivers testing the latest Porsches in the world against the frozen and slippery tracks. All the ski facilities in the country are well equipped to provide tourists with the best experience possible. I arrived in Gothenburg on Fat Tueday, also known in Sweden as semla day, as everyone eats semla buns then – though you’ll also find them in cafes around Sweden in the months leading up to lent as well. Did you know that there are about 200 ski resorts in Sweden? It is on this island where the largest MTB park in Sweden is located in Slite with more than 240 km of routes featuring different difficulty levels. The challenge of breaking the frozen surface of the lake or river and the technique and patience needed to catch a fish finally is one that cannot be described unless experienced. You can see the Aurora Borealis from anywhere in Northern Sweden, but the Abisko National Park offers a clearer and better view of the display compared to other places. It is an activity that is only done in the winter. This is because the trails here are more challenging. Things to do during winter in Stockholm Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve fireworks. Being located in the wilderness means that many of the activities are based outside in the beautiful mountains or on the stunning lake Torneträsk. Fun things to do in Gothenburg in winter Fika – coffee and cinnamon buns Apparently the Swedes are great consumers of coffee (the alcohol being rather expensive) and they love nothing better than to meet with friends for a gossip over coffee and perhaps a cake or cinnamon bun, a pastime known as Fika. Required fields are marked *. with easy access to all of them with the train. During the winter months, northern Sweden is criss-crossed with designated snowmobile tracks marked with red ‘x’ signs. The atmosphere in Sweden in winter is perfect for snowmobiling. The three areas are the Kalix River, Tornestrask, and River Lulu’s frozen surface. The activity is very similar to hiking that is done in summer and spring except that the weather is cold. Guided tours of northern lights and reindeer sledding are examples of popular activities provided by Nutti Sámi Siida, which is an eco-tourism company in Swedish Lapland. But ahhh there is something sooo magical about it. There is no help in moving the runner’s provision during the race. Things to do in Gothenburg in winter Semal buns at Jerkstrands I arrived in Gothenburg on Fat Tueday, also known in Sweden as semla day, as everyone eats semla buns then – though you’ll also find them in cafes around Sweden in the months leading up to lent as well. I had looked for winter activities in Svalbard and found lots of options. Guided tours of northern lights and reindeer sledding are examples of popular activities provided by Nutti Sámi Siida, which is an eco-tourism company in Swedish Lapland. Kiruna: things to do during winter. There are daily flights from Stockholm. Snowshoeing is another activity that can only be done in the winter. A peaceful sunset over Quedlinburg old town…One of the most peaceful things to do in Germany in Winter, and they also host one of the most authentic and beautiful Weihnachtsmärkte in the whole of Europe!. Come rain, shine, summer, or winter, the Gothenburg Palm House (or Palmhuset as it is so-called in Swedish) provides greenery all year ’round. Things to do in Gothenburg in winter In a week’s time I’ll be off for a long weekend in Gothenburg – I’m hoping to eat my way through the Christmas markets, bask in the lights and seasonal cheer (if not the chilly temperatures of a Gothenburg winter) and explore all that’s on offer in Sweden… 1. There are a lot of adventures you can catch via the train even though the train only makes a short to and fro journey. Since there is a famous saying that Norwegians are people born with skis on their feet, most of the unique activities that any traveler can experience in Norway have something to do with winter and snow. You can look up the distance of the two on Google Maps. Snowmobiling is gradually becoming one of the most popular winter activity Swedish families, as well as visitors, do in winter. Your email address will not be published. We have reviews of the best places to see in Sweden. The Sami people are traditional reindeer herders, and some of them still use this means of livelihood to survive while others have turned to more modern ways of gaining income. If you don’t mind a little cold, Stockholm in winter is one of Europe’s best destinations. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Safaris aren’t limited to tracking the ‘Big Five’ in Africa. The secret to enjoy Stockholm winter is to plan your travel itinerary carefully, as the opening hours of the places change according to the season. In the winter, wildlife sightings in the area are low, so don’t be disappointed if you do not see any animals. I couldn’t hang with all the snow and lack of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you plan on visiting Sweden in Winter, another thing you have to make sure you do is ice-fishing. Marvel at brilliant curtains of ... Dog sledding. About 20,000 Sami people are living together in Arctic Sweden (which is a part of Sapmi). Abisko and the surrounding area offer a wide range of things to do in Swedish Lapland throughout the year, from dog sledding and Northern Lights trips to hiking and snowmobiling. Besides, during winter, Sweden has more daytime than at night, which means there is a lot of chance to capture anywhere you are in the country in all its magnificence. TIP: There are three popular and commonly used locations that offer visitors snowmobiling adventures. As a result, when it comes to Gothenburg in the winter, there’s no better way to explore the concept of ‘cosy’ than when you have to bundle up in layers and have the excuse of staying warm to drink as many hot beverages as you please! Here are the best attractions and our favorite things to do in Stockholm winter: Walking Tour at Gamla Stan The first thing you must do in Stockholm is to go for a walk at the old town. Luleå is the hub for sports in northern Sweden and one of the most successful sports cities in the Nordics. It’s no wonder with all those snow-capped mountains, deep fjords, and twinkling night skies. Find what to do today or anytime in January. The Sami culture is one of the oldest in the world. This means the rooms are carved or surrounded by ice. Winter Activities: Thrill Yourself In The Swedish Lapland Sweden has around 200 ski resorts which are spread out in the country. The magic of nature is one of the many reasons that makes a Mountainbiking in Winter The island of Gotland is a select destination for the Swedes in summer. Credit flickr Around Oslo, snowfall is common and the average temperatures are just below zero.. Winter is part of life in Sweden as most parts of the year are cold. You can then try out your driving skills on the frozen lakes in the town you are in. From exploring the museums, stopping for coffee breaks and Swedish pastries, visiting Christmas markets, and enjoying scenic boat rides through canals, there are countless things to do in Stockholm during the winter season. Busting the popular myth of visiting Scandinavian countries only during summers, let’s check out some irresistible reasons for visiting Sweden in October and coming back with warm smiles and indelible memories. 10 Things to do in Sweden during winter Catch the northern lights in Abisko. Note also that it may be cheaper to book direct with a local guide than to pay a tour company in your home country to arrange things for you (after all, they may be taking a cut too). Stockholm Winter Travel Tips. Besides, the ski village is only an hour plane ride from the capital of Stockholm. The lower inland areas of Finnmark, Troms, Trøndelag, and Eastern Norway can have very cold winters with lots of snow. Also, you do not require special skills to navigate a snowmobile, unlike other winter activities like snowshoeing, skiing, ice skating, among other activities. This adventure is a real way to experience a wintertime means of transport, which was in practice several centuries ago by reindeer herders. See Also: Things to do in Norway in Winter, Your email address will not be published. This is a guest post by Pierre of Anything Under Our Stars travel blog. Snowmobiling. Located in the very heart of the Garden Society, which is a large park in the very heart of the city, the botanical gardens were founded by … If you want to head up to Swedish Lapland during your time in Stockholm, check out my detailed Swedish Lapland travel guide and Sweden Country Guide.Again, we did this in the dead of winter and it was stunning. With the well-worn tracks covered with snow, you will not only be able to feel the thrill of whipping across the road, but you will also be able to explore more places faster compared to when you walk. While the northern lights are certainly the main attraction in Abisko, there are lots of other exciting activities on offer! One of the most adventurous, exciting, and physically testing activities you can engage ins only in the Winter in Sweden is the Ice Ultra Marathon. Sweden might not be the obvious choice for a winter city break but it’s cosy Hygge feel makes it perfect for a short trip, we recommend a Weekend in Gothenburg.Here’s a guide to Gothenburg in Winter and a run down of our favourite Things to do in Gothenburg. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can find the most amazing cheeses, Swedish meatballs, fresh fruit, spices and coffee all under one roof. One of the best ways you can experience nature’s magic is visiting Sweden during your winter holidays. But ahhh there is something sooo magical about it. The most popular and frequently used trails in Sweden for snowshoeing can be found in the Kebnekaise Mountain range, Kungsleden and around Mount Keane. Photo credit: Asaf Kliger/ And if you're worried about breaking your bank account, download my free guide to visiting Stockholm on a budget below. 15 Best Things to do in Sweden in Winter 1. The hotel is built using ice blocks. #2 Visit Vigeland Park in Oslo, Norway. Things to do in Gothenburg in winter Semal buns at Jerkstrands. It is also good if you are looking for a way to pass the time during your winter holiday in Sweden. Find what to do today, this weekend, or in January. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Abisko, Sweden on Tripadvisor: See 2,357 traveler reviews and photos of Abisko tourist attractions. 1. A round-up of some of the things to do in Kiruna during the wintertime, when snow and ice rule. Having stayed in Stockholm for 6 months in winter (Jan – June, Mostly ~ -8 degrees to 13 degrees), I will give you a brief introduction to the culture, and list down the top things to do in winter in Stockholm, Sweden! 1. Spend your winter getaway like a local with this hand-picked selection of non-touristy things to do in Stockholm. Sweden: things to do in winter. It’s also a cheaper time of year to visit Copenhagen. In winter it is also possible to find activities to do. Prize awarded restaurant. It appears like curtains of green, red, and purple, which swirl in a dance-like manner on the sky. Dog-sledding through Abisko is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Experiencing Sami culture. The experience is simply impressive! With no shortage of things to see, do and explore, we’ve narrowed things down a bit by finding the most incredible things to do in Sweden… Scandinavia still reigns as one of the most adventurous regions in Europe, and sometimes hiding slightly under the radar to its Baltic counterparts, is Sweden. Most of the top things to do in Switzerland in winter take place in the Swiss Alps. With Snowmobiles, you will able to explore mountains and forests without stress or any physical exercise. Maybe this post should be titled six things to do in winter. Because if there’s something we really like in Luleå, it’s winter sports. This is because of it, an exciting and spine-tingling way of passing the time in Sweden. Register; ... Home » Things to do in Sweden » Things to do in Kiruna in winter. While perhaps not all Norwegians are Olympic-level skiers, winter activities are an important part of the culture. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the best price. From dog sledding to skiing, ice skating to snowmobiling there are things for the whole family to do. The three have excellent tracks and are easy to navigate. Things to do in Kiruna in winter. The reason for this is that part of Wildlife Safaris near Kiruna passes through the Tundra Regions. Things to Do in Sweden, Europe: See Tripadvisor's 1,619,261 traveler reviews and photos of Sweden tourist attractions. The Tundra Regions is also a very high place to visit in the winter. Christmas in Stockholm is magical as the city is decorated with advent candles, stars, Yule goats (“julbock” – straw goats with their origins in pagan celebrations) and Christmas gnomes (“tomte” – a kind of Scandinavian Santa Claus). Going on a ride on Sweden’s polar express train is another thing you have to do if you visit Sweden during the winter months. One of the key reasons to head to northern Sweden in winter is the aurora borealis. Much of it of course revolves around Luleå’s ice track, the amazing ice skating track that is Luleå’s number one winter destination. If you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. You can also see the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis – while on the train if the sky is clear enough at night. There are lots of classic traditional Christmas markets in Sweden that offer lots of important items for sale. Then, let’s get down to the list I curated based on my experience in having two winters in Sweden in a row. You can do sledding, skiing, see whale safaris, etc. This means you can visit Malmo and Copenhagen at the same time in just one winter holiday. So, if you find a great travel deal to Copenhagen, you’ve got a great list of things to do and see in winter. So bundle up and see how much there is to do in Sweden during winter! Though it is a given that the snowy terrains in Norway are good spots for skis, there is more to that. See the northern lights Before the market is open, there are several days dedicated to parades and plays, food tasting sessions, dancing to folk music, photography, etc. Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Kiruna, Sweden on Tripadvisor: See 14,815 traveler reviews and photos of Kiruna tourist attractions. But there are also some great attractions in other parts of this pretty country during the winter season. Another reason the race is one of the things you have to try out if you are physically fit for it is that it helps you build endurance. Norway is absolutely beautiful and every traveler should include this country on their bucket list.With its snowy winters, interesting history, vibrant architecture, and wonderful people, the sheer beauty of this Nordic country is just too compelling to be ignored.And if that’s not enough to convince you, here’s my list of 16 amazing things to do in Norway during a Norway Winter. Best Things to do in Stockholm in Winter -Stockholm Winter Itinerary And for me the answer to the question is undoubtedly yes. Trust me; the Ice Hotel is unique in every sense. The track starts in Gallivare and ends in Jokkmokk. The country has hundreds of impressive slopes, all of which have been developed into standard ski slopes. Summarily, you have to drill a hole in the surface of the frozen water body, place a reindeer skin on the ice and lie flat on it to get a better view of the fish in the water and then try to lure them to the bait. Winter in Stockholm is the perfect time to visit Sweden. We have reviews of the best places to see in Abisko. The most popular type of fish that are caught when ice-fishing includes whitefish, trout, grayling, and salmon, among others. They also provide accommodation for visitors, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard. The Aurora Borealis, also popularly referred to as the Northern Lights, is a very magnificent and impressive nature display that is only seen where there are clear night skies in the winter months. Things to do during winter in Stockholm Christmas markets and New Year’s Eve fireworks. We have reviews of the best places to see in Kiruna. Having just returned from a long weekend in Sweden, we couldn’t wait to start writing about our time there, so if you are in the midst of planning or looking for some things to do in Stockholm in winter… These things are also the reason why you must have Sweden on the list of countries you want to visit for your holiday. Jul 13, 2019 - Sure, Sweden in winter is cold - but it's also amazing, beautiful, and almost tourist-free. Here are some of the best attractions that Sweden in winter has to offer. The competition will take you through fantastic pine forests as well as a few frozen lakes. Visit Sweden’s Ice Hotel and Tree hotel Also, you will be treated to a lot of Sweden’s traditional cuisine at the ice bar in the hotel. Though it is a given that the snowy terrains in Norway are good spots for skis, there is more to that. The cheapest flights are to fly to Stockholm and then up to Kiruna. There is no to-do list you will see online or reasons to visit Sweden in winter that won’t have you visited two of the most famous structures you’ll find in Sweden during winter – the Tree Hotel and the Ice Hotel. No spam, notifications only about new products, updates. The following 15 best activities in Switzerland during winter will most likely make you want to visit this beautiful country (again). The Icehotel And Treehotel Of Sweden There is no to-do list you will see online or reasons to visit... 2. If you do not have access to animal power, you can also use snowmobiles on the tracks you find in the area. The more adventurous runs include parts of the 600km-Kungsleden (the King’s Trail), as well as trails in the mountains by the Norwegian border. Winter in Sweden can be very cold but it is also the perfect time for some fun winter activities. There is an official website where you can get more details about how to go about the booking process. Åre is the largest and most advanced and divers alpine sports resort in Sweden and Northern Europe. Ice hockey is a big part of our culture and Luleå Hockey, both the men’s and women’s teams, are incredibly popular among the citizens of Luleå and large parts of Swedish Lapland. The market is always open to about 30,000 people with a chunk of them being Swedish Sami artisans. So, here are the best things to do in Abisko, Sweden in the middle of winter. Even during the freezing winter is worth to visit the Swedish capital! And if you're worried about breaking your bank account, download my free guide to visiting Stockholm on a budget below. In winter, get pulled majestically by a strong reindeer through a tranquil Arctic landscape while on your holiday in Abisko, Sweden. ... things to do during winter. However, several must-visit destinations and locations can be assessed via the train ride all at once. Winter in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland is the best time to witness Aurora Borealis and get a taste of genuinely Scandinavian activities like reindeer sledding or visiting Santa in his estate in Lapland. If you are thinking of visiting Stockholm in December be it during Christmas or around New Year’s Eve or not these are ten things you should not miss during your visit to the capital of Sweden.. By the way, if you are planning to get the Stockholm Pass tourist visitor card buy it on the official website where sometimes there is a 10% discount available. What more? Dog sledding is one of the most popular activities people, especially tourists, engage in during winter. Because of this, it is an excellent spot for tracking animals in Sweden by looking for hoof prints and animal droppings.

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