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At the end of the episode, Marcel kidnaps Hayley so who knows what will be on Elijah’s agenda this next week. Unfollow. 26.07.2017 - Erkunde Himbeer cookies Pinnwand „Elijah and Hayley“ auf Pinterest. She looked to be in good condition, she no longer looked weary like she did when she was staying with the Witches, but more relaxed than he ever thought she would be. Hayley did whatever she did to keep hope safe. There have to be many “The Originals” fans who are still swooning over the scene between Elijah and Hayley near the end of Tuesday’s episode. mikaelson family. “@DjGilliesOnline O q mais ela pode querer??? TVD Season 6. The Original Elijah Michaelson falls in love with the royal bloodline wolf, Hayley. He likes zebras, because of their stripes. TVD Episode Discussions. Hayley just walks around like a dumber, more self-righteous version of Klaus and Elijah enables her terrible behavior and worships her like a deity. Little brother, Elijah, 5, also loves the outdoors and is “a joy to be around.” Most days, you’ll find him playful, happy and smiling. tvshowscouples . Elijah knocked in the door and Hayley said" come in." Elijah and Hayley. Hayley took Rebekah to her room. It has been teased that one of the upcoming episodes in season 5 would solely be focused on Elijah's journey. original vampire. *Haylijah* What could things have been like if Hayley and Elijah actually did kiss during that 1x09 balcony scene! " ― Hayley Marshall-Kenner to Hope Mikaelson about being a Werewolf. Hayley said" I love her with all my heart she's mine and I would fight for her with all I have." A few days later Hayley is reading the journals of Elijah and learns more about him and how he feels about his siblings. laptop t-shirts. Elijah let out a soft chuckle before his gaze turned to Hayley, who was leaning against a door frame silently watching the two siblings interact with each-other. Executive producer, Michael Narducci, explained that just because Jackson is dead doesn’t mean Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) will be able to simply pick up where they left off. vampire. mikaelson. You should probably know my name if you're going to tell me your whole life story. Will they be able to be civil to one another before the council makes it's decision of who will get the rights to the contracts? Showing elijah & hayley photos (1-99 of 809) View: Gallery | List. There might also be double breasted suit. She is the daughter of Andrew Labonair and Victoria Labonair. wear wolf. The couple seemed like an unlikely pair, but their undeniable chemistry made them a dynamic couple. TVD Season 7. She will even be involved with a human to try and get Elijah out of her mind. TVD Season 8. Weitere Ideen zu vampire diares, vampire diaries the originals, serien. Fanpop community پرستار club for Elijah & Hayley شائقین to share, discover content and connect with other شائقین of Elijah & Hayley. I'm Hayley by the way. They hate each other, unfortunately for them their business buildings are adjacent to one another. This is his way of making spiritual amends for his part in her death. laptop posters. Elijah & Hayley elijah & hayley foto. The witches messed with Hayley, his family, the woman he obviously loves and that is unacceptable. hayley marshall. On The Originals, Hayley and Elijah's bond was one of the driving forces that made season 1 work so well. laptop phone cases. Hayley and Elijah have loved each other probably for 6-8 years :’) let that sink in…. And its a miracle that hayley and especially elijah have stayed by his side for so long. I firmly believe that Elijah and Hayley are the best and most ~epic~ couple in the TVD universe. This story explores exactly that. haylijah hayley and elijah elijah mikaelson elijah and hayley phoebe tonkin the originals daniel gillies elijah x hayley hayley x elijah team haylijah hayley … Klaus did it out of spite. Haylijah; Elijah and Hayley-. Hayley Elijah is on Facebook. But they have to be apart after Hayley married Jackson Kenner (Nathan Parsons). Elijah makes a promise to Hayley that he'll always protect her. Now on The Originals season 2, too much may have changed for a happy union for Hayley and Elijah. TVD Season 6 Episode Discussion Roundtables (Debates Area) TVD Season 5 Episode Discussion Roundtables (Debates Area) TVD Season 1-4 Discussion. This Elijah & Hayley photo contains business suit, suit, suit of clothes, well dressed person, suit, pants suit, and pantsuit. original. I know it ended in a slap to the face but even that was adorable. laptop masks. Sort by: Date | Most Recent | Top Rated. Join Facebook to connect with Hayley Elijah and others you may know. If you love Hayley&Elijah (The Originals) and you want reblog or like,this is the link of my reblog couples :) thank you! Elijah is the CEO of one company, and Hayley the other CEO competing against him. And will most likely return to his actual life, where he belongs. Elijah went home. 3,498 likes. <3 It’s clear the tension and love between Hayley and Elijah is growing and will only continue to grow from here on out. fodida da cabeça constroem a relação pra depois complemente acabar sem mais nem menos” The war between the witches and the vampires for control is in fact about family. laptop stickers. --Hayley and Elijah. Showing elijah & hayley photos (1-99 of 604) View: Gallery | List. GIF by heckyeahreactiongifs. See more ideas about Elijah, Hayley and elijah, The originals.

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