spiral staircase platform

Contact us to get prices If the stairs have no square landing on each revolution, bracing must be fitted between the step and wall using custom stays. Platforms are usually attached to the top of a stairway and will be attached to the floor above. With a square platform you will have only 4 options here. The shape of this platform will depend on the angle at which your last step approaches the upper floor, which in turn is determined by the rotation of your stair. All Right Reserved, Showroom Our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget. Maybe there’s a structure or other obstacle directly in front of the point where you wish to mount your platform that you can’t move or don’t wish to because of the aesthetic value it offers your atmosphere. This article explains the general features of the spiral staircase and its varieties. We also offer more than one side of railing when needed to ensure the safety level of your stair meets any use even beyond code. Classic Spiral Stair Kit. The platform stair lift transports the wheelchair user sitting in his or her own wheelchair. 2. The Sorrento is the perfect spiral staircase to access your balcony or roof terrace; Available in three diameters 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm £ 1,362.00 * Compare. Attaching the Platform for a Spiral Staircase. or Best Offer. If you wish to install your spiral stair several feet or more away from the face of your upper level—then Paragon can build a platform that acts as more of a walkway to span over the structure. One of our friendly designers will be in touch with you soon. Handrails Cad. Attributes. SPIRAL STAIRCASE. Your platform, or landing, is an entry and exit point for your spiral stair. 1" outside diameter steel balusters (1 per tread). A member of our SMA certified team goes over each decision to ensure your staircase matches your vision and budget. FREE. A spiral staircase is a round stair system in which the individual steps connect to a center column, hence forming a complete circle. Mylen STAIRS Condor Black Interior 42in Diameter, Fits Height 93.5in - 104.5in, 1 36in Tall Platform Rail Spiral Stair Kit. These differently shaped stair platforms mean your top tread (step) can approach the top floor at a different angle while still giving you a flush match between th… Spiral Stairs All wood spiral staircase and traditional staircase designs bring warmth and traditional style into the surrounding space. Develop a spiral staircase layout with the obtained details. Which means your platform can be as beautiful and/or weather-resistant as the rest of your stair. It also means an overall more stable structure thanks to a clean connection between your stair and the mounting surface. Our SMA certified team is here to help you with each design decision to ensure your stair meets your budget and specifications. ”Tread Platform” for fixing to an existing stair well edge. On tall stairs we can locate a platform for additional headroom clearance, in the middle, a platform can be used as a rest area. Metal Spiral Staircase With Wooden Tread On Stairs. The Primed Steel Spiral stair includes: Prime coated steel components. Gradebook. Once you’ve finished your design, you can send your design over to a friendly stair designer for your free consultation. These differently shaped stair platforms mean your top tread (step) can approach the top floor at a different angle while still giving you a flush match between the back edge of your platform and the front edge of the upper floor. If you take one of these fixed starting points, the rest of the spiral will spin around and using the step depth and heights set by the building regulations, will end up where it ends up. Learn more about how it works. It is calculated to the open space of your well opening that is left after your final step. Arke Kompact 29 in. This will usually alter the entry point. Then, to prepare the stair for exterior use, it goes through a "hot-dipped galvanizing process", which involves numerous steps to prepare the parts to be dipped into a vat of hot zinc. 11 watching. No special tools are required! Schedule your free consultation with an expert designer to start your project. – Expert advice on your design If you want to see our other external spiral stair projects, click here. Study. © Copyright Paragon 2017. They transport wheelchair users comfortably and safely to every floor – for a barrier-free life in their own four walls. Stair width is calculated "in the gap", i.e. In spiral staircases the distance from the Central rack to the edge of the step it is recommended that not less than 1.1 m. Narrow spiral staircase for small spaces. Spiral staircase and platform fitted in a townhouse, Glasgow. PBR. Such a high stair doesn’t necessarily have to apply to more commercial uses, though—a multistory stair connecting three or more floors in a residential structure can also easily call for a resting platform.

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