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An example sentence is: To descend the mountain was a lot faster than climbing it. In 1866 he was granted by the sultan a firmanobtained on condition of the increase of the tribute from 376,000 to 720,000by which the succession to the throne of Egypt was made to descend to the eldest of thy male children and in the same manner to the eldest sons of thy successors, instead of, after Turkish law, to the eldest male of the family. : We ascend, … (5) The Bradano, which rises near Venosa, almost at the foot of Monte Volture, flows towards the south-east into the Gulf of Taranto, as do the Basento, the Agri and the Sinni, all of which descend from the central chain of the Apennines south of Potenza. In individual size they have never been important, and of living forms the largest is one of recent discovery, Crossophorus africanus, a Cypridinid about three-fifths of an inch 05.5 mm.) I shall mount to the double summitlof Parnassus; I shall revel in the joys of Tempe.". How to use descend to in a sentence. Most farm workers descend from Africans who immigrated to Zimbabwe specifically to work on these farms. This conversion is effected by allowing the ferrous chloride liquors slowly to descend a tower, filled with pieces of wood, coke or quartz, where it meets an ascending current of chlorine. From the top they descend through the tube and channels riding on a rubber dinghy, to the landing station below. At a few points, however, as at Gravesend, spurs of the North Downs descend directly upon the shore. He was … In Kumaon many of them descend to between 11,500 and 12,500 ft. is the ordinary level at which they end, but there are exceptions which descend far lower. About 3 metres in front of them was arranged a pair of smaller horizontal j aeroplanes, shaped like a long narrow ellipse, which formed the rudder that effected changes of elevation, the driver being able by means of a lever to incline them up or down according as he desired to ascend or descend. To gain altitude, press the L1 and R1 buttons simultaneously; to descend, press the L2 and R2 buttons. On the south the coast-line is far more irregular, the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the China Sea reaching about to the northern tropic at the mouths of the Indus, of the Ganges and of the Canton river; while the great peninsulas of Arabia, Hindostan and Cambodia descend to about 10° N., and the Malay peninsula extends within a degree and a half of the equator. It is estimated that there are in all over nine hundred glaciers in this section of the range, and although they often rival those of the Alps in size, they do not descend generally to such low altitudes as the latter. The most pronounced of these upfolded strata in New York form the low Shawangunk mountains, which descend, toward the S.E., to a lowland region of folded strata of limestone, slate and other rocks in Orange and Dutchess counties. ; to plunge; to fall; to incline downward | (intransitive, poetic) To enter mentally; to retire. A hail of arrows descended from the tower. The house of Mendoza claimed to descend from the lords of Llodio in Alava, and to have been settled in Old Castile, in the 11th century. examples. ; The young mistress of Crawling Stone Ranch … Examples of descend in a sentence, how to use it. This watershed was found to lie much farther north than had been supposed, and to consist of very lofty mountains, in complicated ranges, from which large tributaries descend to the Tsangpo (Brahmaputra). Use of etre + descendre/monter in the passe compose I know that you use etre + ascendre or descendre or monter in the passe compose when the verb is followed by a preposition, but I am still slightly confused, with certain situations. In the south-east farmers are often compelled to retire with their flocks and herds before the thousands of huge, migratory vampires, which descend suddenly on the pastures and are able in one night to bleed the strongest animal to death. In- aristi-pileser, descend ant of Erba-Hadad Assur-dan I. She winced as he snatched her arm, and … Within this gall the stock-mother lives and surrounds herself with numerous parthenogenetically produced eggs - sometimes as many as two hundred in a single gall; these eggs give birth after six or eight days to a numerous progeny (gallicola), some of which form new galls and multiply in the leaves, whilst others descend to the roots and become the root-dwelling forms already described. The harrowing scenes of grief at the funerals of the young victims were a dreadful reminder of the complacency that placed safety in second place to budgeting for so long. ; Clara was fifteen when they descended to Buckland Street, a pampered child, nursed in luxury. The walnut and oak (evergreen, holly-leaved and kermes) descend to the secondary heights, where they become mixed with alder, ash, khinjak, Arbor-vitae, juniper, with species of Astragalus, &c. Here also are Indigoferae and dwarf laburnum. It is easier to descend than to ascend. The Cogon, Fatallah and Konkure are all large rivers which descend from the plateaus through deep, narrow valleys in rapids and cataracts, and are only navigable for a few miles from their mouth. Descend In A Sentence Definition of Descend (intransitive) To pass from a higher to a lower place; to move downwards; to come or go down in any way, as by falling, flowing, walking, etc. Thus the rivers which flow to the Tyrrhenian Sea are of little importance compared with those that descend towards the Gulf of Tarentum. Here the general level of the country begins to decrease in elevation, with only a few mountain spurs, which from time to time push as far as the river and form pongos of minor importance and less dangerous to descend. The one time home of up to 20,000 people, it's 18 stories descend into the Anatolian plateau 50 kms south of Goreme. The balloon descended gradually as the air came out. When the wings descend they elevate the body, the wings being active and the body passive; when the body descends it contributes to the elevation of the wings,' the body being active and the wings more or less passive. Antonyms ... Squirrel Nutkin, and Puck wandered could easily descend into a dreadful literalism. In the teen movie, the heartthrob watches his true love descend the majestic staircase. 4. An example sentence is: To descend the mountain was a lot faster than climbing it. 1. We then descend to the second terrace, in the centre of which the substructure of the great second temple was revealed, together with so much of the walls, as well as the several architectural members forming the superstructure, that it has been possible for E. Among the Azgar, an important division of the Tuareg, one of the noble or free tribes, styled Aouraghen, is said to descend from a tribe named Avrigha. Thousands of rafts and boats of all descriptions descend the stream every year with cargoes of corn, wool, timber and wooden wares, giving occupation to a large number of men. … descent in a sentence - Use "descent" in a sentence 1. Why does our premier … 3. between a fp, fa, k, 1, P, of some days - possibly weeks - the ova of the second Aplysia commence to descend the hermaphrodite duct; they become en FIG. Many waterfalls descend the hill-sides, the best known being the Reichenbach and the Alpbach, while the great gorge pierced by the Aar through the limestone barrier of the Kirchet is remarkable. The rains descend in floods upon the heights; but in the vicinity of Tasisudon, the capital, they are moderate; there are frequent showers, but nothing that can be compared to the tropical rains of Bengal. But then his brother Geoffrey, who had received as appanage the three fortresses of Chinon, Loudun and Mirebeau, tried to seize upon Anjou, on the pretext that, by the will of their father, Geoffrey the Handsome, all the paternal inheritance ought to descend to him, if Henry succeeded in obtaining possession of the maternal inheritance. The word once meant very literally the voluntary descent from one's rank or dignity in intercourse with an inferior. A hail of … The torrents which descend from the Abyssinian plateau usually fail to reach the sea. descend is a related term of descent. This may be expanded or contracted at pleasure, and is moved up and down for the purpose of causing the machine to ascend or descend. In front of the wall lies a deep trench, into which several passages descend, as at the nearly contemporary fort of Euryelus above Syracuse (q.v.). All these streams are interrupted by rapids as they descend from the highlands to the plain and are unnavigable by steamers save for a few miles from their mouths. Don't try to make a concerted effort to let your mind go blank, let it happen gradually until you are no longer focusing on individual thoughts.Now we are going to use some imagery to help the mind descend into the hypnotic state. The ridges rise by long, gentle slopes to flat summits, where often for many miles the sky-line is an almost straight crest, from which the rounded slopes of pure white snowfields descend towards the basins. The contractions thin out and dilate the cervix; they also help the baby descend into the birth canal. Install bookshelves that descend with your stairs. The species are all characterized by short rudimentary wings, bearing four or five barbless shafts, a few inches long, and apparently useless for purposes of flight, of running, or of defence; and by loosely webbed feathers, short on the neck, but of great length on the rump and back, whence they descend over the body forming a thick hair-like covering. descend / examples. It was this motive which first induced the Thessalians to leave their home in Epirus and descend into this district, and from this movement arose the expulsion of the Boeotians from Arne, and their settlement in the country subsequently called Boeotia; while another wave of the same tide drove the Dorians also southward, whose migrations changed the face of the Peloponnese. Yet the society has descended from being marginally lawless to one in which the outlaws outnumber the law-abiding. . Usually the king's son became tanist, but not because the system of primogeniture was in any way recognized; indeed, the only principle adopted was that the dignity of chieftainship should descend to the eldest and most worthy of the same blood. English words and Examples of Usage use "descent" in a sentence Archivo General de Puerto Rico: Documentos, Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, (Spanish), Retrieved November 12, 2008. 5. 5. Mankind is now made to descend from the three sons of Noah. His presence gave her courage to descend the last few steps. 4. Since Kate wants to ascend in society, she will only date wealthy bachelors. click for more sentences … The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. What magic stream has united all this into one feeling, into one mind?

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