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Would you recommend using a broth or stock instead? It’s happened; I’ve gotten the panicked DMs. It works, and doesn’t take any longer. Not to mention a prodigious amount of chopping! Thanks! Fresh tagliatelle is the traditional pasta for bolognese, but I used what I could get, a loosely twisted trivelle. If milk (dairy or non) is not an option – what do you recommend? Other than doubling the recipe, I followed it exactly and wouldn’t change a thing. Now those are amazing! Decrease the onion and celery to one speck suitable for flinging on the floor. Deb did it again. Thank you. He commented that it was just as good if not better than Patsy’s :). Thank you!!! Thank you for this! And apparently — and my family finds this funny but we all have our Things — I cannot abide cubes of anything in my bolognese. Bonus: This works with any kind of milk, dairy or non-dairy. Makes for a firmer meatball. However, I would not recommend doubling it. But this is the way I put it together with spaghetti these days. Love this recipe; your writing is fun and fluid and makes me feel like I’m standing in your kitchen with a glass of wine in my hand. I made the meatball mixture the day before and it worked great. Love this new concept, and love how consistently creative you are! Hi Naomi, Thanks! I found that tomato sauce gets even more perfect with one teaspoon honey or sugar added! I will not be eating Beyond meat or any processed fake meat. This truly is, for me, a perfect meatball recipe! Thanks. angel hair pasta with raw tomato sauce. I did not alter the recipe but did use 50/50 pork/beef. I am a huge fan of roasting meatballs- much neater! I just made this vegetarian using TJ’s Beef-less Beef, which normally doesn’t taste like much but was actually the perfect vehicle here! Made with whole grain spaghetti, all ground beef (what’s in the freezer), doubled the garlic (we like our italian super garlicky, weird, I know). Sending you love. For the vegetarians: I made these tonight with a bag of Morningstar crumbles. This is still my go-to pasta sauce and meatball recipe. This bolognese looks amazing! As the mom of a 3.5-year-old and a 1.5-year-old, I rarely have time to cook anything that takes more than an hour. Meat And Veggie Spaghetti Recipe Bettycrocker. I have followed you for years, and my family has enjoyed many wonderful meals thanks to your talent. What would you say to change if one were to use lamb instead? Make the sauce: Heat the olive oil in the same pan. Admittedly I cheated slightly the first time I made it as I just cooked one serving of pasta because I knew I’d be vacuum sealing the rest as it was only me that time. Adapt it to your dietary needs on your own. I changed up the aromatics a bit and added tomato sauce to make the sauce feel a bit more soup-like. One more thing, am I supposed to simmer this covered or half covered or totally uncovered during the 3 hours? I’m excited to try this with ground venison- would it simmer less? The meatballs (which I increased proportionally with 1.25# beef and 0.5# mild Italian sausage) flavored the sauce all the way through. Or do you think it works better to freeze the raw meatballs and up the cooking time by ten minutes or so? and ended up baking half on the sheet pan. I’ve made those without eggs – used “flax egg” instead with good results. What I thought: In January and February, I’m all about comfort foods, ideally recipes that are healthy but also filling, tasty and easy to make. PS- also made the Biali bread so I am not sure the fam will even notice the Bolognese :). First, boil spaghetti until al dente, reserving one cup of starchy pasta water. I have 2 cans of bread crumbs in the pantry, one says Italian, the other has, in giant felt marker RESEASONED, in front of the word Italian. Has anyone made it without the eggs? All in all a wonderful recipe, classic and rich but the sweet tomato flavor delivers freshness and acidity. Or do you use these two recipes for different purposes? ✨ Newer, Better Month, which begins right now on Smitten Kitchen, is a chance to revisit recipes I’ve been making forever with new knowledge, new techniques, and new real-life time constraints. smitten kitchen small-batch eggnog Despite it not coming naturally to me, a person with a framed ketubah on her bedroom wall, I love Christmas with abandon — the lights, the windows, the big tree, baking all formats of gingerb… I do know that you’ll want to use ground dark meat and that the braising time will be, at most, a fraction of the three hours here — I suspect that 30 minutes will about as far as you can take it without it seeming over. Also a nice cook’s snack :), I zap test-meat in the microwave for tasting – same idea, but a glass bowl to wash instead of a frying pan. The meatballs will probably fall apart in the sauce. It’s my favorite pan (or at least a top three), the 4-quart braiser from Staub. Meatballs Marsala with Egg Noodles and Chives (adapted from the Smitten Kitchen: Everyday) Meatballs 1 lb ground chicken 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp salted or unsalted butter, depending on your tolerance for salt. When meatballs come out of the oven, add the to the sauce and stir to coat them. I can assure milk is absolutely a must in ragù and also a staple in many other meat recipes – especially veal or pork. Re, bacon or olive oil: Either. (on another note- I’m not sure how I missed the toasted coconut shortbread cookies before this, but I have made them quite a few times in these past weeks. However, this often leads to confusion. 614K likes. I don’t think there’s an Italian on earth who puts onion in their meatballs. I made it vegetarian by using TVP (textured vegetable protein) that I just reconstituted in hot water for a few minutes before adding it to the veggies, and then proceeded with the recipe accordingly. I used heavy cream instead of milk to add some of the fat I’d be missing, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly and it turned out perfectly — it only needed about 45 min total, though. Every recipe I’ve tried in which the meat was really browned, including Burrell’s, turned out with dried out meat. I feel relatively certain that Deb needs no introduction to anyone reading my blog, as she is undoubtedly the OG food blogger with the mostest. It might mellow if you give it a day to rest out of the pan. Next time I will definitely double the sauce, but other than that it was a home run! This is how I make my bolognese! I would like to saute the ingredients and then put it in the crock pot. Thank you!!! Previously, my go-to recipe was embedded in the lasagna bolognese, and to echo that recipe’s caveat: I think there are as many interpretations of Bologna’s famous braise there are people who make it — if you’ve found yours, I see no reason to veer from it. March seems like the perfect time to do it. What is the name of that great looking pan with two handles? Why make a two step recipe? Less chance of scorching it. This is so incredibly delicious, quick and easy to make. Follow. Half an hour in to the “hands off” time and it smells delicious. One of the few dishes that all 3 of my boys and my husband all love! And the very fact that they have adapted the recipe suggests that they are not “armchair cooks” but in fact, actual cooks. I’ve read through all the comments though and nobody’s said anything about it being a ton of pasta. I made this with turkey. Can’t wait to test out the leftovers on my two-year-old tomorrow–his tastes are, um, eclectic, but I *think* he’s going to gobble the meatballs. This was INCREDIBLE.

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