things to sell at school in nigeria

Some of these phones come with multiple sim cards and this has made the business of selling recharge cards in Nigeria a lucrative business for anyone that wants to venture into business with the highest demand by consumers. “What is the high demand product in Nigeria?” This is the first question that should cross your mind before you take the second step. Honest and profitable, right? Wondering how to get into politics without any school degree and become a politician? Organizing your shows can be done within a campus or off it. 1. If this is what you really want and people love your shows, you can become rich in no time. This page is dedicated to all candidates who will be participating in the forthcoming 2020’s Post-UTME Screening Test of All Institutions in Nigeria. Let us know in the comments below. Sometimes students are afraid of a job because they think it is something really difficult and they will not be able to manage it. Whether you're in middle school, high school, university, or anything in between, it has never been a better time to be a student. You see a great number of computers and accessories and in schools, these computers are used to make education more flexible and Accessible. 14. Decide which items you’d like to sell (minimum of 10 items per transaction) and send them in using a pre-paid shipping label. It does not require any starting capital, and if you are a student, it will not take much time from you. If you have some relatives or friends who thrive in this business, you can ask them about all the features and pitfalls. What products can I buy for cheap and resell for a higher price? Any of these will still give you great income in Nigeria. Order pizza to school and sell it’s pieces. Even one who goes into the desert to fast for forty days and forty nights will still come back to eat food to have his or her strength restored. Have we missed to add a top trending product to our list? To become a tutor, you can start offering services either online or to people you know. Hair and Beauty Saloon and Hand Crafts. Northern youths release list of politicians from north, south they will consider... 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One of the reasons is because of the decline in the standard of public schools in the country which has led many parents to look to private schools as a means of providing quality education for their children. So, you will still have enough time for studying and meeting up with your friends. Handmade Goods. More and more students use kerosene, and the main reasons for such choice are the prices for cooking gas and the insufficient electricity supply. InfoGuide Nigeria is a multi-author blog in Nigeria founded by Ifiokobong Ibanga. You can advertise your business on social media by posting photos of your pastry, but if you are a student, you have a great advantage – you can share a word among the fellow students about your business, and perhaps someone will want a cake from you one day. So many students in Nigeria nowadays try themselves in hair production retail. You don’t joke … Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. If you always had a passion for hair styling, you can invest in professional hairdresser course, and then start working at the hair salon. Even if it does not look so, thousands of people need cakes for various events every day. There is also this high competition that exists in businesses. The world today is information-driven. Multivendor e-commerce websites give you room to sell your products online. Regardless of what your choose, clothing and shoes are “must-have” for both man and women, so choosing this kind of business will not let you down. 8). Of course, you will need at least a minimal starting capital, and the understanding of the business. This is the world of fashion and no one wants to be left out in the competition. Ads: Get Admission into 200 Level and Study any Course in any University of Your Choice. The list of products you can sell to Nigerians are many. School business has no rival among its mates. It is completely free to start a blog on a platform Wordpress or Blogspot, and you will also have to learn some pitfalls of blogging business before starting to earn money. If you want to set up untapped business and quickly become rich, you can read this article. 20. If you invest in cryptocurrency, it can pay off later. What are skin naturals? Once you develop your baking skills and start producing really beautiful and delicious cakes, the clients and money will be guaranteed to you. Shoes are also in demand, as there is a lack of them in Nigeria. In general, you must be confident and possess high speaking skills. - ORDER YOURS HERE. As a seller, all you need to do is to register with your accurate details and … If someone tells you that out of 20 Nigerian girls 19 make use of Cosmetics, do not doubt because it is exactly what is happening in Nigeria. Building materials are very important in building factories or houses. 22 Things You Can Sell To Make Money. The water they say is very important, and this is worth more than gold because water is life. It can last between 5-7 hours depending on the capacity you are making use of. In order for 70% percent of businesses to grow in Nigeria, there must be a constant electricity supply. If you feel like you could manage this, you can start a Facebook page and promote your services. He stumbled on a report that estimates the Nigerian eCommerce industry to be worth $13bn. When we were all about 11-12 years old we started a slime business in school and made 700 dollars, but it was eventually shut down because of the school not allowing kids to sell things on their property. Everyone can buy and sell online children’s gear and safety items on free classifieds ads with ease. Smartphone accessories. We love apples! Diabetes Permanent Solution! During Christmas season people tend to love eating delicious hot cookies directly from the oven to ward off the cold weather. The problem boils down to two things: Where do I find low-priced products and where do I sell them? This business is quite risky and requires a lot of knowledge, so you will have to sacrifice a lot of time to learning how cryptocurrency business works. It is a beautiful skill that is mostly underrated in Nigeria. Water I also used in manufacturing companies, factories and on farms. If you can make certain beautiful artworks and other crafts, you can sell your works easily online in Nigeria. Baking is a very lucrative business in any school environment, whatsoever because people love cakes! Do you have any more ideas about what trending items to sell online? This can be done in your spare time, and it will not threaten your grades. There are plenty of the websites and blogs that are in constant search of writers, so do not miss your chance if you feel like your writing skills are high and you could help them in some way! Maybe you have some things at home that you never use, and they are just gathering dust, but you are convinced that someone else might find them useful. As said earlier, it doesn’t really matter what you’re selling or producing in Nigeria, it’s all about how you sell whatever you’re selling. Get the best deals on Fairly Used Items In Nigeria ads in Nigeria. by rodeo0070(m): 5:22pm On Jul 01, 2014 Making money can often seem more difficult than ever before. Likewise the men, the love appearing decent and competitive in their dressing. At N3,000 for that item, if you sell it N3,500, you create N500 gain per item. You see a great number of computers and accessories and in schools, these computers are used to make education more flexible and Accessible. Apr 12, 2018 - Nigeria Online Classified Business Ads Listing. In our world today, the power and right of a man can be traced to the books he reads. The only thing you need is developing a wise marketing plan and having your own distinctive drawing style. Selling potted plants ; Selling potted plants during Christmas period is a very good business that can help you make extra cash. Dry Cleaning. The most popular shopping platform in Africa,, is always in need of agents, who can work either full-time or part-time. You can search for someone who keeps bees. If you start the plants out as seeds and raise them into decent-sized plants, you can get a sizable return on your investment. Perhaps you like spending time with other people and passing the knowledge to them. Being a student, you can easily promote your honey business among them. In Nigeria, almost 90% of people use a mobile phone. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub), HoloLens. What we have are professional Dry Cleaners whose service fees are extremely high or mediocre dry cleaners who can never keep with time. Since one of the greatest challenges Nigerians are facing today is lack of electricity, the use of power banks is placing the product in high demand every day. 12. Lots of people, especially young ladies who have long and gorgeous hair, need the beauty products that would help them keep up the beauty and health of their locks. Tell me who can survive without food. In Nigeria, there is always a bridge in security and as such, issues like car hijacking is among one of the most occurring crime in Nigeria. So many students in Nigeria nowadays try themselves in hair production retail. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. Candle (With Sweet Fragrance Used For Decorations) Power Bank: Nobody likes carrying a smartphone without empty battery. 16. Sell the vision of your school to them. Soon, you will be happy that you took up this occupation and glad that you have some money of your own. Apple: Because an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Discover office and school supplies from your comfort zone at the click of the button on Jumia and choose from our large selection of stationery, printers, scanners, calculator, single school chairs, benches and so much more for you to have all you need for a smooth work at the office and school. Several things go into greeting an elder in Nigeria, including ethnic background and gender. In case you make great jewelry out of beads, you can try improving your skills – quite soon, you will be able to earn money from accepting orders and commissions. Sell waffles made in Waffle maker 4. Graphic design plays a really important role in the creation of any website, along with the logos, banners and other things that present the site to its potential visitors. The items that are regularly used at the office and school to make your everyday … READ ALSO: How to Start Cocoa Farming in Nigeria? Cosmetic and beauty business is a highly profitable business that cannot be skipped as far as its demand is high. This job is always relevant because people are constantly searching for the new houses to live in. Photographer’s job is a great opportunity for you to combine earning some money and doing what you love and enjoy. You can also dive into this business without any money because when people hire you for this job, they will give you a deposit fee and you use these funds to buy the materials that you need for performing your work. You can always make money by solving a problem and creating a product or service. Most importantly, you will have a chance to improve your personal skills. Or you buy keep and sell later. For example, certain tribes require a female to kneel on the floor or curtsy to greet an elder, while males are expected to prostrate, squat, or bow completely to the ground. Students in Nigeria can become graphic designers too – everyone starts small. So let’s move on to the top 50 fast-selling products you can import into Nigeria starting right now. Floor tiles are very popular in Nigeria. In Nigeria cosmetics are mostly women’s things. When you sell these clothes and shoes, it must be for both men and women. To … 27. Car Tracking Devices. Selling recharge cards for these different denominations will give you great profit. Before one would say a lot about cosmetics, cool things must be said about the hair in other to give it a balanced equation. These are the type of products you should conceive in your mind because you will never stand a chance of regretting it. Grace Akinosun September 11, 2017. Besides, small business ideas for students are not full-time jobs, you will have to work only a few hours per day or weekends. If you are having trouble with what business you can try out during Christmas, then this is the time you start making extra money out of your baking skills. Pet clothes and toys – Selling pet clothes and toys are specialty niches that you should explore. When the store wants to sell the product, they purchase it from the third-party and ship to the customers. Only 15 Packs Left. Nigerians now have chosen gas to replace kerosene since it appears to be more economical. Nigeria has a poor dispensation of electricity. Handmade goods. Perhaps you have that one dress or this pair of shoes that you have bought, worn once, and felt uncomfortable in it? If you are handy with arts and crafts, you can sell these through sites like Etsy, Artfire, Handmade at Amazon and Cargoh. These may be low cost items, but if you sell a lot of them you can easily make a profit.

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